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Why Compost?

Heat is a result of a good composting process. Temperatures in the Omnivore composter will typically be in between 100° F and 150° F.


A well maintained, fully functional managed Omnivore composter will easily reach 131° F for a minimum of a 72 hour period during the process which will breakdown pathogens (virus and microorganisms) that could cause diseases.


Omnivore protects your operation from scavengers and/or predators that could transmit livestock diseases while feeding on decaying carcasses on the manure pile or bins. Better biosecurity with no rendering trucks driving onto the farm.

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Dead stock is a normal part of an animal production enterprise. Omnivore Composting is a natural process that uses bacteria to break down organic waste such as animal mortalities. It is rapidly becoming the preferred method of dead stock disposal. The Omnivore  composter can be used for the day to day management of farm mortalities.


In composting, carcasses are put in the Omnivore composter together with supplemental carbon sources such as shavings, straw, some recycled compost or manure to  accelerate the composting process.


Standard Sizes

 Batch / Continuous Composting
4′ x 5′ with Power Drive

 Continuous Composting
4’ x 20’ with Receiving Hopper
4’ x 30’ with Hopper or Spring Loaded Loading Door
4’ x 40’ with Hopper or Spring Loaded Loading Door

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