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As seen at the Pacific Agriculture Show


  • Automatic Egg Graders

  • Automatic Farm Packers

  • Full-Automatic Tray Stacker

  • Automatic Stack Take-Away

  • Stainless Steel

  • Suitable for Plastic & Cardboard Trays

  • Various Out-feed Directions

  • Hatchery Automation & Egg Transport

  • Palletizers

  • Food Grade - Soft Conveyor Belts

  • User Touch Screen interface

  • Vacuum Lifters

  • Egg Transfer Units

              DAMTECH Co-Founder

   Carlo Hagemann representing the    Optistack Pro at the Pacific Ag Show        2020 in the AgPro West Supply booth.

AgPro West has teamed up with our friends at DAMTECH, to become their new North American distributor. 

Here, we work together to offer an automated system to handle your eggs for you! 

Let's talk business! AgPro West is looking to supply other North American dealers with DAMTECH products. Get in touch with us for more information on becoming a dealer.


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Table & Hatching Eggs


DAMTECH products serve both table and hatching eggs; this includes systems for both poultry farmers, and hatcheries. DAMTECH provides a wide variety of solutions when it comes to egg handling, such as grading by weight to ensure accurate results for hatching as well as for retail; the daily generated “average weight” of the eggs is a fantastic tool for on farm management, as it will display performance per flock, or even per barn. The graders also supply a light source to help locate micro-cracks, as well as to aid in effective sorting of broken/dirty eggs and manual candling.


Additional Features

  • Inkpad stamping system

  • Egg printer

  • Infeed conveyor for inline use

  • 110V 60Hz power connection

  • Calibration eggs

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Packed & Ready to Go

All tray stackers in the Optistack and Optistack-pro series are also available as a stand alone version! This means that you can simply attach the systems at the end of a MOBA egg-grader, a Sanovo farmpacker / egg grader or next to a Prinzen farm packer---> get in touch with us for how we can automate your system in the most compact and cost-effective way.

The egg packers and stackers are automatic vacuum operated and gently handle your eggs with care. These machines are operable with both plastic and cardboard trays as well as various sizes of egg cartons. Other options for packing also include, the De-Palletizer robot which stacks and organizes flats of eggs onto pallets for transport. 

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