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What is a Heat Exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device that makes it possible to heat the incoming air, by using the already produced hot air that is on its way outdoors. 


By passing the two air streams side by side, without mixing together, the outgoing air transmits its heat to the incoming air. By the time the incoming air reaches inside, it has already increased in temperature by 50%.

What are your Options?

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Earny 2 is a cross-flow heat exchanger. This means that warm house air and cold fresh air simultaneously pass through an exchanger element, but do not mix. The filter unit ensures that the exhaust air is clean before it enters the heat exchanger.

 Earny 2 

  • Heat recovery rate of up to 194 kW.

  • Energy savings of up to 60 per cent depending on the location and application.

  • Supplied ready for connection for easy assembly assembly.

  • No unhygienic pipe system, no energy loss: extremely short distances between house and heat exchanger.

  • Fully-automatic cleaning of the filter unit during the batch to avoid performance losses.

  • Easy wet cleaning of the filters after the batch; in case of freezing temperatures, the filters can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning inside the house.

  • The height of the exhaust air pipe from the house into the heat exchanger can be selected flexibly on site; as an alternative, an opening can be made to connect the filter chamber directly to the house.


Switch Superior

The SwitchSuperior Compact Heat Exchanger takes polluted, CO2 -rich air from the poultry house, and exchanges this for fresh, O2 -rich air. The built-in exchanger block takes heat from the outgoing air to warm the fresh incoming air, which substantially improves the poultry house climate.

  • Available in 5000 m3 /h (2.940 cfm) and 9000 m3 /h (5.300 cfm).

  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 80%.

  • Adjustable air supply unit.

  • Compact unit size.

  • Easy to install (and add to existing ventilation system)

  • Easy to operate (through existing climate computer in the poultry house).

  • Low maintenance, easy to clean and disinfect.


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