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Dandy Light Trap models are designed to provide an exact amount of light blocking (dark-out) needed for a particular application. Differences in shape, depth, and spacing will allow us to fit you properly with the light trap that is best suited for your needs.

All Dandy models are available in various configurations, sizes, light reductions, and airflow capabilities.

Dandy Light Traps and Breathable Walls are made of durable corrosion-free plastics, providing a clean and long-lasting product. They are easily assembled, removed, and provide superior performance. 

  • Easy Assembly 
    Offers many configurations and are easy to assemble, making installation very easy.

  • High Level 
    The products are proven to produce bigger birds, better mortality rates, and better feed conversion.

  • New Solutions
    Dandy Fan Shade is the first light trap designed for exhaust fans in a broiler house.

  • Light Control 

Design our products to allow you to control and completely block out natural sunlight.

Poultry Products

The Dandy Max-Flow offers the best air flow on the market and in return requires a smaller square footage of trap.

The Max-Flow light trap is used to provide complete darkout capabilities in Pullets. We have custom sizes to fit your particular retrofit and a selection of sizes in our price sheet to fit any size or application.

The panel sizes for the Max-Flow range from 8″ to 96″ in length.



The Dandy Brown Out light trap is often used in conjunction with evaporative cooling cells. This combination offers a low-cost method of maintaining proper airflow and providing excellent light reduction.

Brown Out

Dandy Fan Shade_edited.png

Fan Shade

The Dandy Fan Shades are designed to eliminate direct light caused by tunnel fans from entering the house while maintaining optimal airflow.
Our Fan Shades are specifically designed for broiler houses; these products allow for a dramatic reduction in light intrusion while maintaining only a 2% airflow reduction. The Dandy Fan Shade can be installed in user 5 minutes per fan. These units quickly and easily remove for easy access to fans for maintenance or cleanout.

Galvanized metal Vent Box including door designed to work with Dandy Light Traps. Flush Mount Outside version is flush on the outside of the house which allows the box and door to extend inside the house. Light traps must be installed and removed from the outside with this model.

Flush Mount Outside (FMO) Vent Box with Door

Dandy Vent Box.png

The Dandy “Black Air” High Efficiency light trap is one of Dandy’s most outstanding achievements. Used primarily for vent boxes the HE is the darkest light trap on the market yet has a lower air resistance than traps that offer far less light reduction. This trap provides ultimate darkout while maintaining low static pressure.

The panel sizes for the HE light trap range from 8″ to 14″ in length.

“Black Air” High Efficiency_edited.jpg

“Black Air”
High Efficiency

Light traps must be kept a minimum of 6” away from a fan to allow proper airflow and reduce fan restriction. The extended box does just that. By providing a housing unit that can hold a single unit and allow for separation from the fan, the Dandy Extended Housing is an all in one fix for single units. Made from sturdy galvanized metal these units can be customized to fit several common size units.

Light Trap Extended Box_edited.jpg

Light Trap Extended Box

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