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Product Name: 25 Gallon Trailer Lawn Sprayer

Description: 15' hose with U45050000 gun 2.0GPM 12V pump.  72" 2 nozzle spray boom coverage; Everflow 2.2GPM pump. Powder coated frame; 10" pneumatic tires; Pressure gauge.

*US gallons.

Product Name: B4414KGS 4,400 PSI - 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer with KOHLER CH440 Engine and Triplex Pump.

Description: Rugged Kohler engine reliably drives the pump with power to spare. Designed to be used all day, everyday. Commercial grade General triplex pump featuring die-cast body, forged brass manifold, one-piece plungers, thermal release valve and improved heat dissipation. Accessories include high-pressure hose, spray gun wand assembly, and spray nozzles so that it can be used right out of the box.

Product Name: BE Power Equipment - 4,000 PSI - 4.0 GPM Gas Pressure Washer with Honda GX390 Engine and General Triplex Pump.

Description: Commercial Honda engine with excellent weight to power ratio. Designed to be used all day, everyday.  Commercial grade General triplex pump featuring die-cast body, forged brass manifold, one-piece plungers, thermal release valve and improved heat dissipation. External unloader provides enhanced cooling and be set to dump-to-ground bypass water to maximize cooling system. Commercial grade accessories included are a 50 foot high-pressure hose, spray gun wand assembly, and four spray nozzles. Chrome plated steel frame gives a bright, durable finish. Built-in storage slots for accessories and 12” flat free tires make it easy to us.

Product Name: MS Greenline mobile

Description: The MS Greenline is a tool for cleaning and disinfecting stables. Foaming and disinfecting can be done in one act, when connected to a high pressure system. Always the right concentration of the right product. Safe in use: no contact with products. Connect to existing high pressure systems. Possible in combination with a user agreement. In one act possible to switch from rinsing to foaming or disinfecting.

Made of hygienic stainless steel. Space for 2 cans of ± 30 kg.

Product Name: Stir Fan

Description: Better Air 18" Sir Fan.
Ceiling mounted to accommodate a variety of air movements. Proper recirculation provides an even temperature, reducing hot and cold spots.

Product Name: 42" Direct Drive, Industrial Fan With Wheel Mount

Description: Industrial fan that is built with heavier duty materials and components to operate longer and supply greater air flow and pressure.
Excellent for creating ventilation in industrial and agriculture buildings.
Two speed motor optimizes air flow capability.

Product Name: 20 Inch Variable Speed 1/3 Hp 6000 Cfm Basket Fan.

Description: Our High Velocity Basket Fan Is One Of The Most Powerful And Efficient Basket Fan Available In The Market Today. Our Tapered Intake And Exhaust Is Designed For Optimum Performance, Maximum Air Velocity And Distance Coverage. This Fan Is Designed For The Harshest Environments. The Standard OSHA Safety Guards Mean You Can Mount This Fan At Any Height. Designed For Performance And Efficiency, Our New Series Again Raises The Bar For The Competition To Follow.

Product Name: MIRACO Lil Spring D2901 Heated Water Trough

Description: Lil Spring is a multi-purpose waterer designed to be used with a 250 watt heater in cold climates or without in warmer climates. Capacity -60 head beef or horses.

Gallons 6 (23 Liters).

Product Name: BE3600IE 3,600 Watt Digital Inverter Generator

Description: Quiet and powerful inverter capable of performing many tasks. Especially popular for camping. Produces clean energy that is needed for sensitive electronics like cell phones and computers. Includes electric start and battery system.

Product Name: Ritchie WaterMatic 150

Description: The WaterMatic 150 is ideal for fence line applications with its small compact two-trough design. The waterer is fully insulated to keep the water cool in the summer and provides added protection during the winter. Low capacity and fast refill valve allows for low water waste and fresh water on demand. Optional heat package is required in freezing conditions. 

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