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DOL 434 climate controller



Climate sensors are vital components to ensure productivity and comfort in animal production. If the sensor fails, the controller will act based on wrong information!

SKOV offers sensors for temperature and humidityCO2ammonia, and light - as single-function and multifunction sensors.

All sensors withstand the harsh environment in a modern livestock house.

Correct measurement of temperature and humidity are most crucial to create the optimum climate in the livestock house.

The DOL 114 is a high-precision sensor for measuring both relative humidity and temperature simultaneously.

The sensor element and the built-in filter enable application in livestock houses with constantly high humidity.

A protective cap is available, eliminating the need to remove the sensor when cleaning the livestock house.
The sensor has an analog output with a very low output resistance and complete protection against short circuits and wiring failures.

A microprocessor controls the sensor and has a two-color light-emitting diode (LED) to communicate operation status and error diagnostics.


  • Two-in-one sensor

  • Correct humidity measurements also in houses with changing and high humidity level

  • Developed for the harsh environment in livestock houses

  • Leave it in the house during cleaning

DOL 16 light sensor

The DOL 16 is a sensor that measures light intensity. It is designed to handle the harsh livestock environment.

You can use the DOL 16 light sensor to measure and control light levels, typically in poultry houses and mating sections in pig productions.

The level of light is a factor that broiler producers must actively control to achieve high productivity. You can optimize the gain of the broilers and the laying of eggs by parent stock with correct light control.

Using the DOL 16, it is possible to maintain the light level recommended by breeding companies or maintain a light level, which has been a positive experience for the broiler producer.

DOL 535/539, including the production module for breeders, may be connected with up to five DOL 16 light sensors, controlling light levels in the livestock house via dimmers.

A two-color light-emitting diode (LED) communicates operation status and error diagnostics.


  • Control of light level to optimize production

  • Automatic light control via the climate controller

  • Save money on electricity

DOL 114 temperature and humidity sensor

DOL 16 light sensor

DOL 119 measures the CO2 level in the livestock house to ensure that the animals enjoy optimum climate conditions. This application is most relevant in the production of poultry.

CO2 is an important measurement to optimize the relation between ventilation and heating level and ensure excellent air quality in the livestock house.

The sensor can also be used to monitor any fault conditions in livestock houses with direct combustion.

A filter in the sturdy housing protects the sensor. The sensor is supplied with a connector and cable solution that makes it simple to disconnect and remove the sensor, e.g., before cleaning and disinfection of livestock houses.


  • Indicator for air quality in the livestock house

  • Cost-saving – optimum ventilation- and heating level

  • Collect data for legislation purposes

DOL 119 CO2 sensor

DOL 53 is a sensor specifically designed to measure ammonia (NH3) concentration in livestock houses.

The adverse effects of high ammonia concentrations in livestock production are well known. With the DOL 53, the farmers can continuously monitor the ammonia concentration and take corrective actions if ammonia levels increase.

The level of ammonia in the air indicates the litter quality in broiler houses with on-floor management. There is a close link between good litter, a uniform distribution of the birds, and good production results.

The DOL 53 features accurate ammonia measurements in both low and high concentrations, negligible cross-sensitivity to other gasses, and a long lifespan without the need for calibration.


  • Litter management control – uniform distribution

  • Too high ammonia concentration results in a higher FCR, lower gain, and decreased welfare

  • Corrective action according to NH3 level

DOL 53
ammonia sensor

DOL 53 ammonia sensor

DOL 58 measures wind direction, wind speed, and air pressure/temperature (optional). It measures wind speed and direction with the help of ultrasound.

The weather station thus has no movable parts, which means it is highly reliable and has an exceptionally long lifetime.


  • Differentiated curtain opening in a system or natural ventilation

  • No moving parts

DOL 58 weather sensor

DOL 58 weather sensor

DOL 119 CO2 sensor
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