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MiraFount 3465 - new

For beef and dairy is heavy duty, insulated, and great for outdoor use in the winter.
•Capacity-100 head beef /40 head dairy •Gallons- 20

(75 liters) •Specifications - Two 9.25” openings / 10” ball closures •Dimensions- 36” x 24” x 18” (91 x 61 x 46 cm)
• Drinking Height - 18”(46 cm)

Poultry Trolley is a trolley for use in the broiler production. This trolley makes it possible to simultaneously give feed and lay chicken paper.

The MS Poultry Trolley 360 kg has an extra large capacity feed storage tray and has a fixing eye on the handle so that the trolley can be attached to a quad, for example. The MS Poultry Trolley 2.0 is also equipped with a solid rubber anti-puncture wheels.

  • The trolley can contain 360 kg of feed

  • The amount of feed to be sprinkled can be adjusted by a handle (without graduations)

  • By adjusting the side slide it is possible to sprinkle the feed in the middle or at the side of the chicken paper

  • There is also room for extra rolls of chicken paper

  • Dimensions: 1,40 x 1,00 x 1,27 meter

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